LG Debuts Glasses-Free 3D Monitor

The 20-inch D2000 will first launch in Korea this month.


LG Electronics has been a strong supporter of the 3D TV category. Now, the company is taking its support of 3D video technologies into a new product category: computer displays.

Recently, the company introduced its 20-inch glasses-free 3D monitor, the D2000. LG says it can be used for reproducing movies, games and photos in 3D, all without having to wear 3D glasses.

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“With a full line-up of 3D TVs, laptops, projectors and smartphones, LG Electronics is by far and away the industry leader in all things 3D,” says Si-hwan Park, vice president of the monitor division at LG’s Home Entertainment Company. “LG’s position has always been that 3D will and must eventually function without glasses. The D2000 is a look at what the future has in store.”

The South Korean-based manufacturer differentiates its 3D technologies from other manufacturers by pointing out its 3D methods work through a special camera sensor that attaches to the monitor. This camera sensor is said to detect changes in the user’s eye position in real-time, to enable the display to re-calculate the angle and position of the viewer to adjust the 3D effect.

LG adds that its eye-tracking technology also works in conjunction with the company’s 2D-to-3D conversion technologies to bolster the appearance of 2D movies, games and other content.

The D2000 will be offered first to the South Korean market, under the model name DX2000. The company says it does have plans to introduce the display to other markets later this year.


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