LG Adds to 2014 Ultra HD TV Lineup

The company is planning three series in screen sizes ranging from 49 to 84 inches.

Recently, Samsung announced a slew of new Ultra HD (UHD) TVs. Even JVC started making plans for a 65-incher by the end of the year. Now, LG Electronics is making its latest lineup of 2014 Ultra HD 4K LED TV known.

The company’s third-gen of UHD TVs will include seven screen sizes across three different lines. Several of the lines debuted at January’s CES, but now we’re getting more info and even more sizes.

Every UHD TV in the 2014 line has LG’s own Tru-4K Engine Pro, which can upscale HD content to a near-UHD viewing experience. Of course, there’s also plenty of added HD and 4K entertainment available through LG’s Smart TV+ webOS platform, which includes recommendations and instant access to Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Instant Video, Hulu Plus and more.

The top-of-the-line UB9800 Series has LG LED Plus edge lighting with Local Dimming, Ultra IPS panel technology for wide viewing angles, and an Ultra Clarity Index (UCI) of 1560 for smooth motion. Besides that 4K image, each of these TVs has the latest HDMI inputs, H.265 decoding, and the Smart TV+ webOS platform. Also, just so the audio matches the image, the UB9800 Series comes packing an audio system designed by Harman Kardon. The 65-inch 65UB9800 has a 70-watt, 4.2-channel system and a $4,499 MSRP, while the 79-inch 79UB9800 comes with a 90-watt, 5.2-channel setup and a $7,999 price tag. The 84-inch 84UB9800 is the largest of this lot, with a $14,999 MSRP, which includes a 120-watt, 5.2-channel audio system.

Next up is the UB9500 Series, which has the LG LED Plus edge lighting with Local Dimming, the Ultra IPS panel technology, and 1500 UCI. Each UB9500 TV is also ready for 4K with multiple HDMI inputs, H.265 decoding, and the Smart TV+ webOS. Like the above models, this lineup also comes packing an audio boost via a 35-watt, 2.1-channel speaker system. The 55-incher is selling for $2,499, with the 65-inch model getting a $3,499 MSRP.

LG’s final collection of new UHD TVs falls under the UB8500 Series. Designed to be an affordable 4K option, this lineup has a 49-inch model for $1,499 and a 55-incher for $1,999. Despite those prices, each one does have some very nice features, including the LG LED Plus edge lighting with Local Dimming, the Ultra IPS panel technology and 1200 UCI. Both sets also have 4K-capable HDMI inputs, H.265 decoding, and the Smart TV+ webOS.

“LG is serious about making Ultra HD TVs a reality for consumers now. That’s why our new lineup offers a broad variety of series, class sizes and prices,” said David VanderWaal, head of marketing for LG Electronics USA. “With a Smart TV platform as simple and robust as webOS and IPS panels that deliver ultra wide viewing angles, LG’s Ultra HD TVs have the most comprehensive features available to American consumers.”

If you’re planning to buy one of LG’s UHD TVs soon, maybe push to do it before August 16, 2014. The company says that if you purchase a qualifying LG Ultra HD 4K TV by that date, they will throw in a free 12-month subscription to Netflix.

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