Lenovo Q190 is a Mini Home Theater PC

Handy remote with build-in keyboard


The home theater PC is still a thing for lots of people, and Lenovo has just announced a new IdeaCentre computer built with home theater in mind. The IdeaCentre Q190 is, according to Lenovo, the world’s smallest full-function desktop PC at less than an inch wide, but there’s a lot of power in the little box.

It supports 7.1 surround, an optional Blu-ray player (with 3D) and full high definition graphics. A wireless mouse and wireless multimedia remote with built-in mini (backlit) keyboard should make couch navigation easy.

Of course it runs Windows 8 (Professional Edition). You can outfit it with an Intel Core i3 processor, 1 TB of hard drive and 8GB of DDR RAM. It uses integrated Intel HD graphics. HDMI and optical audio outputs connect it to your TV or receiver. Unfortunately there are no 100-inch touchscreens to go with it.

It comes out in January for a starting price of $350.


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