Legrand Designs In-Wall TV Power Kit for Retrofit Installs

The new HT2202-WH-V1 can hide power and AV cables behind the wall without touching the electrical wiring.

Just because you want to mount the TV to the wall shouldn’t mean that you have to mess around with any electrical wiring. Of course, leaving the wires hanging outside of the wall really isn’t the best solution, either. It’s ugly and downright dangerous.

Legrand is solving this problem with its new In-Wall TV Power Kit. The new package can easily hide power and AV cables inside the wall, all without modifying the home’s electrical wiring.

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Designed for retrofit applications, the kit includes everything needed to extend power for wall-mounted TV installations, all while providing some flexibility. First of all, there’s a duplex receptacle to power multiple devices such as the TV, a speaker bar or a media streamer box. The recessed receptacle can also support almost any type of power plug, including right angles and wall warts.

Another nifty feature is the decorator-based power inlet strap, which can provide flexible project support for ganging other connections. The end result has both power and AV cables organized, clean and hidden — just like a professional installation.

“Our top priority at Legrand is to provide our customers with quality solutions that offer unique advantages when it comes to entertainment center applications,” said Fritz Werder, VP and GM of the Legrand Home Systems Division. “The In-Wall TV Power Kit addresses the common problems associated with flat-panel installations and provides installers an ideal solution.”

For pricing and purchasing information, contact your local Legrand dealer.

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