LEDs to Dominate TV Market

LED lighting applications won’t take over until 2014, report says.


Samsung LED 7000 series.

It is now safe to say that we are in the era of the LED (light emitting diode). According to market research form DisplaySearch, long-lasting and energy-efficient LEDs used as backlights in video displays will penetrate 56 percent of new LCD TV market in 2011, up from 21 percent in 2010. The market penetration of LEDs in LCD TVs will climb to 93 percent by 2014. In 2011, LEDs will also be in 70 percent of “large displays” that also include LCD monitors. However, LEDs used for energy-efficient lighting lags far behind.

TV applications are forecast to dominate LED demand through 2013, accounting for nearly 50 percent of total LED backlight market demand. LED lighting will capture the lead by 2014, as demand for LEDs in LCD TV backlights falls, says DisplaySearch’s Quarterly LED Supply/Demand Market Forecast Report. This drop is expected due to a decrease in the number of LED packages per set—a result of efficacy enhancements and cost reductions.

According to DisplaySearch, LED backlights are currently used in all small/medium LCDs, and LED penetration in mobile PCs is nearly 100 percent. Penetration of LEDs in LCD monitors and LCD TVs continues to grow, while the number of LED packages per set is decreasing.

The LED lighting penetration rate in 2010 was 1.4 percent, and is forecast to reach 9.6 percent in 2014. In terms of LED lighting, spotlights and LED street lights are forecast to have higher penetration in lighting due to government incentive programs like the 12th Five Year Policy in China, as well as growth in commercial applications. In addition, LED bulbs and fluorescent tubes are growing in Japan due to government incentive programs (Eco-Point) and energy consciousness.


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