Krell Shows Off New Phantom III Stereo Preamplifier

The new component is Krell’s first to include the option for digital and headphone inputs.


Say hello to the Phantom III. It’s not a new superhero movie, but the latest stereo preamplifier from Krell. It’s also the first Krell preamp to include either an optional digital input module or a headphone input.

The standard Phantom III features a dual monaural design with individual circuit boards and power for each of the left and right channels. With 700kHz bandwidth in a zero feedback, balanced, Krell Current Mode design, the Phantom III has a balanced resistor ladder volume control and headphone circuitry to match the main circuitry.

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That digital module supports up to 24 bit/192kHz LPCM for streaming, with AES/EBU, coaxial, and optical digital inputs. Those digital signals get fed to an ESS Sabre DAC before making it to Krell’s Current Mode.

“We are excited to couple Krell performance to the features that today’s consumers are demanding,” said Bill McKiegan, Krell’s president. “The Phantom III preamplifier can be the centerpiece of a world class digital and analog audio system.”

Available in silver or black, the Phantom III preamp is available now for $5,500. If you’re looking to add in the digital module option, expect to pay $7,000.


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