Kramer KW-11 Transmitter/Receiver Set Can Send High-Def Up to 40 Feet

The new wireless high-definition HDMI system uses WHDI technology.

Sometimes you just don’t want your Blu-ray player to be stuffed right under the TV — or even in the same room. Now, it’s becoming easier to stream content to TVs and other devices. However, we’re not talking about getting your smartphone or tablet into this mix. Kramer Electronics is making that streaming possible via its new KW-11 kit.

The KW-11 is a wireless high-definition transmitter/receiver set. It can send signals from any HDMI-compatible device up to 40 feet, all without wires.

Kramer uses WHDI technology to make the wireless magic happen. Once connected, the transmitter can convert the HDMI signal into a wireless one, and transmit it to the receiver. From there, the receiver converts it back into an HDMI signal. The end result boasts uncompressed video up to 1080p @60Hz, with zero latency.

The KW-11 also offers a lot of placement options, since it doesn’t require line of sight. That means it can be installed under a table or in a closet. Other features include MIMO 5GHz technology and an AV link through AES-128 encryption.

Kramer is selling the KW-11 Wireless High Definition Transmitter/Receiver now, with an MSRP of $675.

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