Korea to Launch UHD 4K Satellite TV Service By 2015

KT Skylife is testing out broadcasts, with plans to offer 4K to subscribers by 2015.

KT Skylife CEO Moon Jae-chul (third from left) at a ceremony marking the successful testing of UHD TV broadcasts. Photo: Korea Times/KT Skylife.

One of the biggest complaints about Ultra HD (4K) TV is the price of the sets. However, the second biggest complaint is how there’s nothing really to watch. Where can you get your 4K fix? Apparently, in Korea.

According to the Korea Times, satellite provider KT Skylife has already been testing out 4K broadcasts, and things are looking pretty good (and detailed, we’re assuming). Based on the successful testing to date, the company plans to offer pilot 4K content to subscribers sometime next year, with hopes of going wide with the service by 2015.

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KT Skylife is using the H.265 (HEVC) video format to deliver the goods to subscribers.

“We are closely collaborating with content providers and TV manufacturers to offer UHD TV content and programs as scheduled,” said Moon Jae-chul, CEO of KT Skylife (via Korea Times). “Programs fit for UHD TVs will be available from 2015.”

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