Knoll Systems Shows Off No-Wire Audio Solution

The new WHD3 features Klean Audio Technology and 1080p video transmission.


Knoll Systems is cranking out a lot of audio and video — and they’re doing it without the mess and expense of wires. The company just announced the WHD3, which boasts Klean Audio Technology (KAT) and third-gen 1080p No-Wire video transmission.

Designed to help you cut down some of the cable clutter, the WHD3 can support 3D and IR and includes a new on-screen display (OSD) for optimal placement. Also that KAT feature allows the system to deliver audio signals up to 100 feet inside or 150 feet outdoors (via line of sight).

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Other features include an analog input and digital transmitter, which are paired with a 25-watts-per-channel receiver/amplifier. If you already have amplification in place, a line-level receiver is also available.

“Our previous line of 1080p transmitters has been very successful,” says Clayton White, vice president of sales. “The WHD3 is a natural progression for the changing demands of today’s marketplace. 3D was a necessary addition and the new OSD assists the installer and homeowner in placing the product for maximum picture and sound quality.”

According to Knoll Systems, the WHD3 will feature an MSRP of $399.


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