Klipsch’s Compact Performance Series Works Indoors and Outside

The new speaker line includes the CP-6, the CP-4, the CP-6T, and the CP-4T.

The CP-6.

Some of you may not be ready for the outdoors yet. It’s cold — and in some parts, very snowy. Klipsch will be ready to go outside whenever you are, thanks to its new Compact Performance Series.

The Compact Performance Series is a new line of speakers that can work both indoors and out. At launch, the line will include the CP-6, the CP-4, the CP-6T, and the CP-4T.

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The CP-4T and CP-6T are specifically designed for business use, with the CP-4 and CP-6 designated as the line’s residential models. Each one works outside or it can be used indoors for surround sound or on a bookshelf.

Designed to compliment just about any decor, each speaker has an integrated mounting bracket for close-to-the-wall placement, as well as a V-shaped cabinet rear profile in case you want it in a corner. Each one also comes in a paintable black or white finish, with matching grilles and a weather-resistant, reinforced cabinet.

On the inside, the Compact Performance Series has Klipsch’s own Tractrix Horn technology and long-throw woofers. If you want to get specific, each one has a 0.75-inch aluminum tweeter and a 90-by-90-degree Tractrix horn. The CP-4 has a 3.5-inch long-throw IMG woofer, with the CP-6 getting bumped up to 5.25 inches.

Klipsch is selling the CP-4 and the CP-6 now, priced at $249.99 and $349.99 per pair, respectively. The CP-4T and the CP-6T are also sold in pairs, for $300 and $430, respectively.

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