Klipsch SB 120 Packs 2.1 Sound Right Under the TV

The audio alternative has Klipsch horn-loaded technology with separate midrange drivers and dual subwoofers.

For a while, it seemed like the big audio trend was the soundbar category. Now, manufacturers are looking to drop the soundbar — literally. A lot of recent releases are turning that soundbar into a speakerbar, which gets positioned directly below the TV.

Klipsch is the latest to release a speakerbar, known as the SB 120. This is the company’s first soundbar alternative. It packs a 2.1 speaker system into a slim cabinet that can hold TVs less than 100 pounds. It also has Bluetooth built in, so you can wirelessly stream content to the speaker from any smartphone, tablet or other compatible device.

That said, this speaker is really designed to improve the sound of your favorite flat panel. It’s got Klipsch’s Tractrix Horns with separate midrange drivers and dual subwoofers. Other features include Dolby Digital decoding, a 3D surround mode and an easy setup via a single connection to the TV. It also comes with a remote or you can opt to use your own.

“Many consumers want the lifelike audio today’s flat screens are unable to provide, but they do not want multiple, cumbersome speakers interfering with their decor and taking up space,” said Tommy Jacobs, regional vice president of sales for the Klipsch Group. “This product solves that problem while also posing the capability to cover even the largest listening areas.”

Klipsch is selling the SB 120 now, with an MSRP of $499.99.

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