KEF Starts Shipping Ci200RR-THX In-Ceiling Speaker

The new option includes THX Ultra2 certification and KEF’s Uni-Q driver array.

Looking for another place to stuff some awesome sound? Just look up — and spy a place to put the KEF Ci200RR-THX. The new in-ceiling speaker is now shipping.

However, this isn’t your typical in-ceiling speaker. It has THX Ultra2 certification, which means that it’s been through all kinds of crazy tests to make sure it will play back audio just as film and music makers want you to hear it.

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Inside, the Ci200RR-THX has KEF’s own Uni-Q driver array, which promises to make almost any seat in the room the “good” seat. It has a 1.5-inch vented aluminium tweeter and “tangerine waveguide,” mounted in an 8-inch aluminium bass/mid driver.

Other features include 4Ω nominal impedance, a 90dB sensitivity rating, an open-backed frequency response of 33Hz – 28kHz (±6dB), and a crossover frequency of 2.2kHz. It also has an Ultra-Thin Bezel (UTB) design, but with the same cut out and outside diameter as all of KEF’s 8-inch in-ceiling speakers.

KEF is selling the Ci200RR-THX now, priced at $799.99 each.

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