KEF Celebrates 50 Years with LS50 Loudspeaker

KEF's mini monitor commemorates the company's 50th anniversary.


Happy birthday to KEF! Has it really been 50 years? The company is still cranking out quality goods, and they are celebrating with yet another release — the LS50 Mini Monitor speaker.

The LS50 follows in the footsteps of KEF’s LS3/5a, but with some of KEF’s latest advancements. Promising a “soundstage experience,” the LS50 has patent-pending acoustic designs and the same state-of-the-art technologies that KEF uses in its Blade loudspeaker. Of course, it also has the Uni-Q driver array, which has become a staple of KEF’s products.

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Available in piano black, the LS50 features a rose gold Uni-Q driver, a cabinet with constrained layer damping, and a baffle shape that boasts smooth on- and off-axis dispersion. Other features include a ribbed rear surface and a port that promises lower turbulence at high levels.

“The new KEF LS50 mini monitor is a great example of how KEF lead the way in acoustical engineering and design for over 50 years,” said Alec Chanin, president of KEF America. “In one regard, the LS50 pays tribute to a legendary loudspeaker that captured the attention of a country nearly 50 years ago–the LS3/5a. On the other hand, the LS50 demonstrates how KEF has continued to redefine loudspeaker innovations. The LS50 is the ultimate mini monitor and allows listeners to experience sounds they’ve never enjoyed while listening to a rich, multi-dimensional soundstage previously not attainable from such a compact design.”

KEF has started taking pre-orders for the LS50, which is an online exclusive. The company has priced the limited-edition speaker at $1,499.99 per pair. If you’re looking to drool, check out the little LS50 promo video below.


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