KEF Adds Dolby Atmos to Any Speaker via R50 Module

The new upcoming option can add the magic of Atmos to almost any speaker.

For a while now, we’ve been talking up Dolby Atmos and how it’s coming to home theaters very soon. However, there are probably a few of you that don’t really want to get rid of your current speaker setup. Well, you don’t actually have to do that.

Instead, there are several companies releasing products that can add an Atmos boost to those existing speakers. KEF recently announced one of those products, the R50 Dolby Atmos-enabled speaker module.

The R50 is designed to sit atop freestanding or wall-mounted home theater speakers. Each one is built around KEF’s Uni-Q Driver array, with a 1-inch vented aluminum tweeter at the center of a 5.25-inch bass/mid-driver. This type of configuration can beam the sound upwards to give you that multi-dimensional soundscape.

It also makes your speakers Atmos-ready. This new audio format is what enables you to hear planes, helicopters and birds flying above your head, all while sitting in your living room.

Other features include z-flex surround, large voice coils, a wedged cabinet design, and a piano black gloss finish. Of course, KEF recommends using the R50 with the company’s R Series floorstanding and bookshelf speakers, but it can be combined with any speaker.

KEF plans to start shipping the R50 in early November, priced at $1,200 per pair.

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