Kaleidescape Scenes Can Group Memorable Movie Moments

The new offering allows users to catch a few clips instead of spending a whole two hours on a movie.


SportsCenter is big on the highlights reel. Sadly, we don’t have the same thing when it comes to movies. Well, most people don’t have the same thing.

If you have a Kaleidescape System, you now have Kaleidescape Scenes. This new feature puts memorable moments of your movie collection at your fingertips. In other words, it’s like your own highlights reel.

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“I rediscovered Indiana Jones running from the boulder in Raiders of the Lost Ark, and then jumped immediately to Casablanca‘s ‘Here’s Looking at You Kid’,” said Greg Young, a Kaleidescape owner from Clovis, Calif. “My Kaleidescape System reconnected me with these movies and many more.”

If your favorite Raiders moment just happens to be when the monkey bites it, you can actually mark your own scenes as well. If you want to leave the clips up to fate (or Kaleidescape), the company does have a crew of “experts” that have handpicked more than 4,000 different scenes from over 700 different titles. Kaleidescape says they plan to add new options every day. I want that job!

Kaleidescape Scenes are now available to every Kaleidescape System, in KEAOS 4.2. The scenes database is also part of the exclusive Kaleidescape Movie Guide. KEAOS and Movie Guide updates are distributed automatically, without dealer or customer intervention.


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