Kaleidescape Movie Server Adds UltraViolet Access

Now users can tap into all of their movies with one massive media server.

Kaleidescape users now have more movie options than ever. The company just announced plans to add UltraViolet into the mix.

If you have a Kaleidescape movie server and an UltraViolet account, you just need to link the two in the Kaleidescape Store. Then, you’ll be able to tap into all sorts of UltraViolet digital downloads, including the ones you’ve already purchased. That way, you won’t need a physical disc inside the server.
In addition to discs and now UltraViolet, Kaleidescape’s media servers can access the aforementioned Kaleidescape Store. This is similar to iTunes, allowing users to buy movies, TV shows, kids programming, and more.

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As incentive to use Kaleidescape as your main media machine, the company says that users will be able to download purchased movies from other UltraViolet retailers, such as VUDU, Flixster or Target Ticket — all at no additional cost. That way, you can have your entire movie collection accessible from your Kaleidescape server.

Kaleidescape users can also convert DVDs to DVD-quality digital copies and get a separate UltraViolet copy for $1.99 per title. That same option is available when converting Blu-rays to Blu-ray-quality digital versions. It comes with the UltraViolet copy as well, for $1.99 per title. If you’re looking to trade up on DVDs, Kaleidescape also offers the option to turn DVDs into Blu-ray-quality digital copies with an UltraViolet copy for $5.99 per title.

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