Kaleidescape M700 Can Import and Store Up to 320 Discs

The new Disc Vault can import DVDs, CDs and Blu-rays, and keep them on hand for later use.


A Kaleidescape server allows you to keep all of your movies on hand. But then what do you do with the actual discs? Into the Vault they go!

The company just announced the M700 Disc Vault. The new product is designed to streamline and speed up the process of loading discs into a Kaleidescape System. The big diference here is that the M700 supports CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs. The company also says that the new device makes the process a quick one, boasting double the speed when importing a Blu-ray disc.

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It also ups the capacity, holding up to 320 of your favorite discs. Once loaded into the carousel, the Vault can load all of those discs automatically, at the touch of a button. There’s no need to monitor the system once it starts the import process. If you want a progress report, the front-panel display can display that info, as well as the number of discs stored and slots available.

Once the import process is complete, the disc can live inside the Vault for safekeeping. In fact, if it’s a Blu-ray, you need to keep it in the Vault to play back the digital copy. DVDs and CDs can be taken out, or left in for easy access and clutter-free storage.

Speaking of ditching some of that clutter, Kaleidescape says that adding the M700 is a clean install. It connects to the home network with a single Ethernet cable, instead of to a player via a USB cable.

The M700 Disc Vault is available now, for $5,995 (MSRP) each. Multiple M700 Disc Vaults can be added to any Kaleidescape system, if you need thousands of entertainment options at your fingertips. The M700 is also available packaged with the 1U Server, for $15,990.


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