JVC Adds App for HD Projector Control

Reference series projectors can be controlled with an iOS app via LAN


This may be a first—an app to operate your home theater projector. JVC Professional Products this week launched an app for their Reference line of projectors—which also happens to be pretty awesome.

If you’ve ever held a standard projector remote in your hand, you’ll know why an app is a welcome addition. Projector companies tend to believe that most users will integrate the display with a home control system (which we advise you do), so they make their remotes as minimally useful, and maximally aggravating as possible. They often don’t include discrete input buttons, video mode buttons or anything like a common-sense layout. Some don’t even include backlighting, even though they’re meant to be used in the dark.

Standard IR remotes also have trouble when the projector is built into a box or soffit, so an IP connection makes operation much simpler.

The new app does more than just turn the projector on and off. It allows for deep menu adjustments and calibration control.

The new app is available for the following JVC Reference Series projectors: DLA-RS46, DLA-RS48, DLA-RS4810, DLA-RS56, and DLA-RS66. Currently JVC only offers an iOS version of the app. Users need iOS 5.1 and an iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd, 4th, and 5th generation) or iPad (3rd generation). The JVC projector must be connected to the network via wired LAN.

More about JVC’s DLA-RS66 here.


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