JBL SoundFly Adds AirPlay or Bluetooth to Any Outlet

The new plug-in speaker works with any compatible smartphone or tablet.


We’ve seen a slew of wireless speakers lately. Apparently, a lot of people have music on smartphones and tablets — and they must share with the world. JBL just released another option that’s as easy as plugging something into an outlet.

That something is the JBL SoundFly, a speaker that plugs into any available wall outlet. Once it’s plugged in, users can use the power of Bluetooth or AirPlay to stream content to the speaker from any compatible smartphone or tablet.

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Now, you’re going to have to choose between Bluetooth or AirPlay. The JBL SoundFly Air offers support for Apple AirPlay, while the JBL SoundFly BT works with Bluetooth. Sadly, there is no “both” option.

Besides the tech, the two models are pretty much the same. However, the JBL SoundFly Air does add in the AnyRoom feature, which allows users to sync up to four JBL SoundFly Air speakers for multiroom listening. Otherwise, neither model needs a shelf of wires. The SoundFly doesn’t even have buttons. Instead, the JBL logo doubles as touch-sensitive control. Both also have free apps available.

JBL says that both SoundFly models are now shipping. The JBL SoundFly Air has an MSRP of $199, with the SoundFly BT coming in at $179.


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