Jamo Debuts 10 Speakers Under Concert Series

The new models have hand-polished high-gloss finishes, satin-painted MDF baffles, satin aluminum center plugs, and more.

Jamo's C 10 SUR Surround Speaker.

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Jamo, but the European company has certainly been busy. The Klipsch brand is making up for lost time now, by launching 10 passive home theater speakers simultaneously, under the Concert Series.

This is the second generation of Jamo’s flagship series. The new models include the C 109, C 97 and C 95 floorstanding speakers, the C 103, C 93 and C 91 bookshelf speakers, the C 10 CEN and C 9 CEN center channels, and the C 10 SUR and C 9 SUR surrounds.

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Each of the new models was created by loudspeaker designer Kieron Dunk. All of the Concert speakers have hand-polished high-gloss finishes, satin-painted MDF baffles, satin aluminum center plugs and stabilizer feet. Also worth mentioning is that the C 10 line, in particular, uses a 12-step process to achieve that finish.

Other features across the line include Evolved Hybrid Composition Conical Cones (HCCC), a new Long Displacement Surround (LDS) design for woofers and midrange drivers, improved Anti-Diffraction WaveGuide (ADW) technology, and redesigned silk dome tweeter diaphragms.

“Jamo Concert stays true to the brand’s ideals and aims to emphasize the beauty, simplicity, functionality and overall perfection of modern Danish design, while also utilizing today’s latest innovations in audio engineering,” said Mark Casavant, senior vice president of global product development for Klipsch Group. “Consumers can expect a new level of performance and value in the series as it flawlessly combines premium quality with high fidelity.”

Jamo is selling the Concert Series now. Available in pairs, the floorstanding models are priced between $1,000 and $3,500, with the bookshelf speakers selling for $500 to $1,500, and the surrounds going for $700 to $1,400. The center-channel speakers are sold individually for between $400 and $1,000.

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