Jamo 360 Speakers Sport Omnipolar Technology in Contemporary Design

Speakers should look and sound good


Speakers should sound good. We know that, but they can also look good. It’s that combination that has helped speaker maker Jamo (founded in Denmark, now part of the Klipsch Group) stand out. The new Jamo 360 speakers pull off that feat in a line of satellite models that borrow a technology from the Mirage Omnisat speakers, a brand which Klipsch acquired in 2006.

The Jamo 360 speakers are spherical, making them visually appealing, but the shape also has beneficial acoustic properties. They use an Omnipolar technology, which suspends the tweeter above the woofer to disperse sound equally in all directions. Incorporated across the three products are aluminum dome tweeters and long-throw woofers that enable the movement of more air to register significantly low frequencies for extended bass response.

The Jamo 360 Series is comprised of three models, including two satellite speakers (360 S 25 and 360 S 35) and one center channel speaker (360 C 35). Available for purchase in two 5.0 passive home theater packages, the 360 S 35 HCS is equipped with four 360 S 35 speakers and a 360 S 35 center channel, while the 360 S 25 HCS features five 360 S 25 speakers. The recommended subwoofer for use with either system is the Jamo Sub 800.

Each 360 HCS system is available in a high-gloss black or high-gloss white with brushed-aluminum bases and metallic grilles. The speakers can be mounted on walls or placed on flat surfaces.

The Jamo 360 S 35 HCS and 360 S 25 HCS retail for $999.99 and $649.99.


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