IT Management a Hot Topic at CES

Apps and systems let you manage what’s happening on your home network.


A new app from NetGear, Genie, will allow homeowners to actively monitor activity on their home network.

In the corporate world, IT managers are able to maintain the well being of a company’s network. If the network is running slow, they have the tools to determine what’s causing it and can fix it. As more and more devices join our networks at home, homeowners are starting to experience some of the same issues of corporate IT managers. At CES, several companies demonstrated simple tools that homeowners can use to get a better handle on their home networks, diagnose problems, and remedy them.

Netgear’s Genie application, for example, gives homeowners a quick view of what’s happening on their home networks through a highly intuitive display on a smartphone and/or tablet, for both iOs and Android devices. For example, users can set up network restrictions for guests, can see when a new device joins the network and can set up parental controls. For example, if a user would like the kids to be off the network at a certain time of the day, they can easily set up those parameters via the app.The app also turns a smartphone or tablet into an DLNA controller—from which consumers can find videos, music and photos on their network and push them to TVs. The Genie application requires a Netgear router.

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Management of home networks is a hot button at D-Link, as well. The company demonstrated its D-Link Cloud services, which enables consumers of mydlink-enabled routers to remotely control Internet access of all devices on the network. From a mydlink app on a smartphone or tablet, users can view the Web browsing history of devices on the network, receive email alerts if a new device tries to join the network and see if there are any updates available for their home’s router.


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