iSky Starfield System Gets a U.S. Patent

Fiberoptic Studio Corp. has been granted a patent for its iSky starfield ceiling.


Starfield ceilings are nothing new to home theater enthusiasts. However, Fiberoptic Studio Corp. says they have something truly special — and now they’ve got the patent to prove it.

The company just announced that its iSky Panel Systems have receive a U.S. patent (#7,766,526 B2). The product combines fiber optics with LED and digital technology to create a unique star ceiling experience. If you don’t believe them, check out “Film Fest,” one of our 2011 Home of the Year selections, as well as an iSky user.

“While starfield ceilings have been around for some time, early designs had inherent problems in cost and tedious, labor-intensive installation,” says Jeff Graham, inventor and CEO of Fiberoptic Studio. “By taking a completely different approach, iSky was able to provide a more affordable, easy-to-install solution that is actually three products in one — LED lighting, a star panel ceiling and acoustic panels. We call it Big Bang Effects, without all the banging.”

Fiberoptic Studio says that the iSky system delivers a high-tech experience in a cost-effective package that’s simple to install. A patented low-voltage iSky Star Engine is embedded into each panel to deliver that realistic, random glimmer, but without the heat or noise.

The simple part comes via a screw-in method that’s easy to secure to finished dry wall, or you can drop it directly into grid ceilings. You can also use chains to hang the panels, also known as a “cloud” installation. Available in dimensions of 24, 30 and 48 inches, up to 100 panels can be wired from one common low voltage wall-wart power supply.

Fiberoptic Studio’s iSky Panel Systems are available in standard absorption as well as with diffusion. Contact the company for pricing and purchasing information.


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