Is This The Ultimate Home Theater Seat?

Your theater seat can help control your clutter

I’m kind of a slob, maybe even a hoarder. Well, that might be going too far. I don’t generally have food stains on my shirt or 25 years of National Geographic stacked in the laundry room. However, home theater room in my basement is definitely a mess.

I excuse myself a little because I do product reviews there for Electronic House, so there’s bound to be a certain amount of clutter from old cables, batteries, box tape, pens, notepads and SPL meters. But there’s also the other kind of clutter—extra remotes, stacks of Blu-ray discs, 3D glasses, smartphone and tablet chargers… maybe some Kit-Kat wrappers.

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I could blame the kids (that’s what they’re for anyway), but the truth is I have a habit of just leaving stuff laying around.

Home theaters are not known for rooms with a lot of planned storage (unless you’re talking about a Kaleidescape movie server, which I don’t have *sigh*). A dedicated movie room usually has a screen, seats, speakers and, well, that’s it. Mine has a stand in the back for the gear, and some creepy movie posters too.

So where does a home theater enthusiast shove all of life’s detritus when you want to show off for guests?

This Madison home theater seating system from Fortress Seating looks just about perfect. First, it’s a nice-looking home theater seat, complete with all the expected luxuries such as leather and power recline, plus a nice little hide-away snack table option.

It gets even better though. This model (others too, but the Madison is the one I stumbled upon) has storage options galore. In the chaise lounge option there’s a large slide-out draw for an extra blanket or video game accessories (or more Kit-Kats).

An armrest option includes yet more storage, power outlets and Ethernet jacks (in case you want to hook up your laptop, for example). The outlets would probably be good for charging your phone, 3D glasses (though most use USB now) or game accessories.

A matching ottoman, with more inside storage is also available.

If you control your system with a touchscreen, Fortress has some cool ways to hide it away when it’s not in use.

One is this fold-away option, where the touchscreen fits into a spot inside the armrest.

Or you can have your touchscreen installed in a motorized armrest, so you just press a button and the touchscreen rises out of the seat like Jean Luc Picard’s Enterprise controller.

The one thing I haven’t seen is a theater seat with a built-in Kegerator. Now that would be a great home theater accessory.

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