ioSafe N2 NAS Doubles as Media Server

The device can also protect digital media and other data from fire, flood, etc.


The company ioSafe is known for its indestructible hard drives. Now, the company says that its N2 cloud-based device can extend that same type of protection to all of your digital goodies. However, the ioSafe N2 doesn’t just protect that content from fire, flood and other extreme acts of nature. It also allows you to enjoy that content on a variety of devices.

First up, it has a Video Station feature that can organize all of your movies, TV shows and home movies. Once you have everything stored on the N2, the device will actually scour the web for info about your programs and stream that content to an iPhone or iPad. It also has the option to stream or record digital TV programs.

If you’re more interested in backing up music, the N2 has a built-in iTunes Server. This allows music lovers to share music and video with all iTunes clients on the local network. There’s also a Smart Playlist feature, which allows users to create playlists based on set criteria.

If you’re needing something for audio and video, this device is very much a Media Server. Users can browse and play content on the N2 via any DLNA and UPnP home devices. The N2 makes it easy to stream stored music, videos and photos to connected TVs and stereo equipment.

Last, but certainly not least, the N2 is also a Surveillance Station. It has a web-based application allowing homeowners to manage and monitor IP cameras, watch and record live video, set up recordings, and more. It also has the option to send out alerts wherever you want them, if preset events are triggered.

The two-bay N2 can be configured with up to 8TB of storage, as well as a 2GHz Marvel CPU and 512MB memory. Also, like all ioSafe products, the N2 welcomes your abuse. This model is both fire and waterproof.

The ioSafe N2 is selling now, with a starting price of $599.99.


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