Integra Sends Spotify to AV Receivers

The company's products will soon offer the option to stream Spotify Premium.


Last week, the AV world was buzzing with invite codes for Spotify, the on-demand music service that just launched in the U.S.

Now, manufacturers are starting to add the service to existing products. Onkyo was the first to make that announcement. Now the company’s sister brand, Integra, is making the same move.

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Integra says that they will soon release a firmware update to add Spotify to its entire 2011 receiver line. Forthcoming products will also have that feature built in. A web connection and Spotify Premium account are both needed to access the service.

Spotify Premium offers unlimited, ad-free music for $5 per month. With that paid account and an Integra receiver connected to the TV, users can view cover art, as well as navigate through artists, song titles and albums via the receiver’s remote control.


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