Integra Adds DTR-40.5 and DTR-50.5 THX-Certified AV Receivers

Both of the new models include WiFi, Bluetooth and 4K Ultra HD support.

Integra's DTR-50.5 AV receiver.

Just a few months ago, Integra was touting its DTR-30.5 receiver. Now, the company is pumping a few extra features into the newly announced DTR-40.5 and the DTR-50.5.

Both promise new features for 2013. Each one now has a 4K pass-through feature and upscaling for conventional HD video sources via a Marvel QDEO processor. Other new features include TuneIn audio streaming, built-in WiFi and Bluetooth. Also it’s important to note that both receivers are THX Select2 Plus-certified.

The DTR-50.5 delivers 135 watts for each of its seven channels, with the DTR-40.5 packing 110 watts per channel. The DTS-50.5 has extra digital audio inputs, a differential DAC for the front channels, a programmable remote, and Integra’s Digital Processing Crossover Network. That DPCN promises better performance for bi-amped stereo speakers.

Having so many networking options makes it possible to stream audio services right to the receiver. Integra lists Spotify, Pandora, Rhapsody, SiriusXM Internet Radio and Tune In as its current options. Each one is also compatible with Integra’s Remote apps for iOS and Android, so users can control the component as well as push music right to the AVR.

Both receivers have Darlington circuitry and Wide Range Amplifier Technology (WRAT), support for Dolby True HD and DTS-HD Master Audio, Dolby Pro Logic IIz and Audyssey DSX. Other features include eight HDMI inputs, two HDMI outputs, a USB port, and a photo input, as well as InstaPrevue, Mobile High-definition Link (MHL), and Phase Matching Bass circuitry. The company has also added in plenty of custom install options, thanks to Powered Zone 2 and Zone 2/3 preouts, two IR inputs and one output for remote control integration, and three 12-volt triggers.

“With THX Certified sound quality, Ultra HD video compatibility, upgraded DACs and the wireless integration capabilities offered by built-in WiFi and Bluetooth, these new receivers demonstrate our on-going commitment to integration flexibility for both custom installers and end users; as well as our commitment to exceptional audio performance,” said Keith Haas, Integra’s director of sales. “Installers will be able to quickly configure these receivers to meet the customer’s home theater and music needs, and the end user will always appreciate state of the art sonic and visual performance capabilities.”

Integra will start selling the DTR-40.5 and DTR-50.5 this July with suggested retail prices of $1,300 and $1,700, respectively.

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