Inside Look at Outdoor Televisions

Learn how these TVs combat harsh sunlight, temperature variances and precipitation.


By Tim Gilbertson

Outdoor kitchens, poolside living areas and patio entertaining spaces are growing in popularity, and high-performance outdoor A/V has followed suit. With new options for outdoor televisions, you can catch every moment of the big game while tending the grill, see your favorite flick while soaking up the sun, and catch up on the day’s headlines while playing in the pool. To help you select the best outdoor TV, Séura dissects its own Storm technology and the unique components and features that allow it to withstand the elements outside.

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1. BEZEL. Constructed of high-grade metal, the bezel is responsible for holding together and protecting the elements of the outdoor screen. The removable bezel allows front access to parts for maintenance and cleaning.

2. ANTI-REFLECTIVE SAFETY GLASS. Treated with a specially formulated coating, the dual-layer glass refracts sunlight to minimize reflection and glare. Tempered safety glass is strong and resistant to impact.

3. PRECISION O-RING SYSTEM. Creates a tight seal, protecting internal parts from rain, snow and moisture.

4. ULTRA-HIGH BRIGHTNESS PANEL. With more than double the brightness of a typical HDTV, high-brightness panels perform well in sunny environments.

5. AIR REFINEMENT INTAKE FILTER. Dedicated for air intake only, this durable composite filter removes contaminates such as sand, smoke, dust and insects before the air enters the product.

6. AIRFLOW SYSTEM. External air takes a dual path, cooling the TV screen across the front as well as the electrical components along the back. As the air takes on heat from these components, it rises and is drawn out the back of the TV through a bank of ultra-quiet fans.

7. ROBUST HOUSING. Aircraft-grade, lightweight aluminum construction withstands impact and cosmetic wear and tear.

8. PROTECTED MEDIA COMPARTMENT. Spacious media compartment has room for media boxes and cable anchors with space for hands to comfortably manage. Removable cover for easy access.

9. WEATHERPROOF INTEGRATION CONNECTIONS. Designed for robust integration, weather-appropriate adapters connect video sources and control systems to an extensive array of connectivity options.

10. SPEAKERS. Speakers are protected from the elements and offer robust sound in most applications. For a more encompassing audio solution, integrate the TV with an outdoor speaker system using the built-in amplifier.

Benefits of an Outdoor TV

It may be tempting for some, especially those in temperate climates, to install a traditional flat-panel TV outside. But if you’re looking for a high-performance solution that will both look good and last, invest in a TV designed specifically for outdoor use. Here are a few of the key features of an outdoor TV:

• Anti-reflective glass.
• Sealed metal (not plastic) housing.
• Heating, cooling and ventilation system.
• Waterproof connectors and adapters.
• Air filters.

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Tim Gilbertson, along with his wife Gretchen, founded Séura, a company known for its award-winning mirror TVs and weatherproof outdoor televisions. Séura products are engineered and manufactured in Green Bay, Wis.


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