Innovative Technology Docks Can Put iOS Devices on the TV

The Dock & View Collection allows users to share audio, video, photos and more.


There’s a lot of entertainment packed into that little portable. Unfortunately, a smartphone and/or tablet screen doesn’t always pair well with some of that content. A company named Innovative Technology (IT) is making it an option to easily stream all of those digital goodies to the TV, via its new Dock & View Collection.

The Dock & View Collection is a new crop of docking stations designed for the iPad, iPod and iPhone. The hook on IT’s solutions is each one’s ease of use. Basically, you just set it up, plug it in and start streaming. It works on everything from Netflix and YouTube to your vacation photos.

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Right now, IT has more than a dozen SKUs in the collection, including single- and dual-docking stations. That includes the ITITV-2012 Dock & View, which is a hardwired, dual-dock model designed to work with almost any iOS device. While the dock streams content to the TV from one device, it can simultaneously charge up another. No WiFi connection is needed.

Available in black, black with chrome trim, and white, the Dock & View ITITV-2012 also comes with its own remote. It’s available now, with an MSRP of $69.99.

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