Info Series: Home Theater and Receivers

The receiver is the brain of a home theater.


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Have you put off jumping into the home theater world because it all seemed too complicated? The truth is it’s not. One of the things that helps when setting up a home theater is selecting a receiver that’s right for your purpose and user friendly–a good dealer will guide you through that. New receivers are packed with features that do a lot of the measuring and adjustment work for you, so all you need to do is press a few buttons and let the hardware do its job.

Getting started on your home theater project means a lot more than deciding what room to put the TV in. A home theater or media room is a system, and as a system each part needs to work in congress with the others. A well-designed system also needs something in control of all the ins, outs and processes that make it work. In most home theaters that something is the audio/video or surround sound receiver.

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A contemporary receiver is much more than just an audio amplifier for the speakers. It’s the hub for all home theater activity. It organizes the input signals, it processes and translates the codecs, and it allows you to control all the other parts. More so, new receivers with networking capabilities can also be a room’s (or a whole home’s) main audio source by providing easy access to online music services and internet radio. They also can provide easy access to your external storage devices or mobile devices such as iPads and smart phones.

Here we offer a selection of informative articles on home theater receivers plus a profile of an award-winning room overhauled into a classic home media room for the whole family.


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