InfiniTV 4 Can Turn Your Windows PC into a DVR

Ceton's little box adds the ability to watch and record four live high-definition cable channels at once.


Adding a home theater PC just got a little easier. Ceton Corporation just started selling its InfiniTV 4 USB digital cable tuner.

This little box can turn pretty much any Windows 7 PC into the perfect device to pair with that big-screen setup. Of course, we know that most of you probably have a cable box. The InfiniTV 4 one-ups a lot of those components by adding in all of the storage that your PC can handle — as well as the ability to watch and record four (4!) live high-definition cable channels at once.

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A nice perk is that you can have all of those goodies, without any monthly set-top rentals or DVR fees!

Even better, if you have a Media Center Extender (like the Xbox 360), you can watch live HD TV shows and have access to that DVR content on any TV in the house. Now that’s entertainment.

Also, because the device incorporates your PC into the setup, you don’t need another device to access web services such as Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube.

“With today’s economy, consumers are looking for ways to get more out of the gear they already own, and shave a few costs in the meantime,” said Gary Hammer, Ceton CEO. “Windows Media Center and InfiniTV 4 USB help families actually get more out of their cable subscription, lets them ditch cable set-top boxes and monthly rental fees, all while giving them a better way to enjoy TV. Ceton’s InfiniTV 4 USB is the cornerstone of an entertainment platform that brings all of a family’s TV entertainment together on one device — and just in time for football and the new fall season of shows.”

The InfiniTV 4 USB is available now, with an MSRP of $299. It’s available through retailers such as Amazon, Cannon PC, and Newegg, among others.


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