Inca Cranks Out Fold-Down and Swivel Ceiling Mount for $10K

Model 900814-410-S can automatically conceal the TV when it's not in use.


We’ve seen motorized mounts that can prop up the TV for a perfect viewing angle. Then, we’ve seen some motorized solutions that can conceal the TV to the point where it leaves no trace of technology behind. Inca is combining both options into the new Inca Fold-Down and Swivel Ceiling Mount.

Designed for users that don’t appreciate technology when it’s not in use, the model 900814-410-S can put the TV in the ceiling for safekeeping.

According to Home Theater, the unit is built for screen sizes up to 55 inches and has a starting price of $10,200 (plus installation costs). However, that price does include 25 feet of cable from the J-box, so it can be installed in a convenient, accessible location.

Other features include options for RF (radio frequency) remote control, a thermostatically controlled muffin fan, and cable management.


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