IMAX Private Theatres to Use Mozaex Media Servers

A customized version of Mozaex's versatile media server will be designed into IMAX's $2M theater rooms.

If you’re looking for an ultimate home theater experience, one with an IMAX stamp of approval would seem to fit the bill. A few months ago, the IMAX Private Theatre was announced, with a price tag of $2 million for well-to-do homeowner home theater enthusiasts.

Much of that cost will go toward IMAX’s proprietary technology that will be fueling the theater room, like its 4K dual 3D projection system for the big picture and “7.1 channel laser-aligned loudspeakers” for the surround-sound audio.

Now we know that on the content side, IMAX has enlisted media server manufacturer Mozaex to join in on the elite theater fun. It was announced earlier this week that IMAX Private Theatre will use a version of the Mozaex server (here’s an overview of the standard Mozaex A/V server offerings) that is “designed exclusively to IMAX specifications and will be available only in the IMAX Private Theater.”

For custom electronics pros, and prospective clients that are sometimes their guests, who are planning on attending the annual CEDIA Expo in Denver, from Sept. 26-28 this year, you’ll be able to hear more from Mozaex in its exhibit booth 1810.

Though he could not share more details yet (we’ll update with anything we learn as to how the company might have to tweak the video at all to work with IMAX’s “floor-to-ceiling” screen and 4K projection, or if IMAX will be handling that processing), Mozaex founder and CEO Douglas Kihm says of the partnership, “It is three years in the making and a very exciting development for Mozaex.”

Among the other specs that IMAX has touted for its custom-designed rooms:

  • A proprietary image enhancer to maximize image quality, regardless of the content source.
  • Advanced sound calibration technology that collects data from individual channels for daily tuning.
  • IMAX’s patented theatre design that enables movie-goers to become part of the story.
  • The wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling IMAX screen.
  • Integrated theatre controls on an intuitive touch-screen interface.
  • The ability to enjoy your favorite movies, television programming, sports, music and gaming in IMAX.
  • A numbered commemorative plaque that brands each home system as an original IMAX Private Theatre.
  • Fully integrated, round-the-clock maintenance and support.

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