Hot Deal: Toshiba BDX2250 Blu-ray Player: $29.99

TigerDirect has an unbelievable deal on Toshiba's Blu-ray player, after the rebate.


Remember when Blu-ray players were insanely expensive? Neither do we. It’s hard to remember such things when TigerDirect is advertising such a good deal.

Right now, the online retailer has the Toshiba BDX2250 Blu-ray Player listed for just $79.99. However, there’s a $50 mail-in rebate on this item, which brings your cost all the way down to $29.99 — for a Blu-ray player. That’s not a typo. Instead, it’s a total of $70 off the price, which also includes free shipping.

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The BDX2250 does not support 3D, but it can play back 2D Blu-rays, as well as upconvert your old DVD collection. It also has built-in WiFi, which comes in handy to stream some of the included web-based services. At last peek, this player could tap into Netflix, VUDU, Pandora, and more.

This is a great opportunity to add a second (or first!) Blu-ray player in the bedroom or other area of the home. Just know that the rebate offer isn’t going to last for very long. It’s actually only good on purchases made through today (Thursday, May 3, 2012). From there, you can redeem the rebate within 30 days of the purchase. Also, don’t think about stocking up; this offer is limited to one per person, billing address, company or household.


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