Hot Deal: TiVo Premiere DVR: $49.99

Electronics Expo is knocking 75 percent off the price of TiVo's magical DVR box.


The digital video recorder has been a wonderful thing. For many of us, it’s hard to remember back to the days of having to set something “to tape,” when live viewing wasn’t an option.

In between thanking your lucky stars, you probably want to give a shout out to TiVo. They created one of the first DVRs and helped to create the entire DVR category. And even though every TV service now has a DVR to call their own, the granddaddy of them all is still standing — and people are quite loyal to it, actually.

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If you’ve been wondering what the fuss is about, now may be the time to jump on the TiVo bandwagon. Like, today. Electronics Expo is selling the TiVo Premiere for just $49.99. This is 75 percent off the original list price of this box, which means $140 for your pocket. Well, it means $140 that can go towards your TiVo service. Remember that once you have the box, you’ll need to sign up for service, which is $19.99 per month for the first year (you’ll get a $5 monthly discount after that).

The TiVo Premiere is designed to replace your cable box. It works with pretty much every cable provider under the sun (double-check that before you buy!), or you can use it with a good ‘ole antenna. It does NOT work with satellite. (DIRECTV has its own TiVo, though.)

This version of the Premiere can record two shows at once, while watching something that you previously recorded. The box holds up to 45 hours of high-def programming or up to 400 hours of SD shows. Like any DVR, you can pause, rewind or fast-forward both live and recorded content. However, TiVo adds in the option for three different speeds on rewind and fast-forward functions, as well as slow-mo and instant replay features.

Of course, the hook for a lot of people is the TiVo experience, which includes things like TiVo Search, the WishList, and the patented Season Pass. The Premiere box also adds in plenty of web-based content, such as Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Hulu Plus, YouTube, Pandora, and much more.

Then, of course, there’s that price. This is one that’s hard to pass up! If you’ve been on the fence about TiVo, now is the time to check it out. There’s no word on how long Electronics Expo plans to offer the box at this price, but they are limiting this purchase to one per customer.


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