Hot Deal: The Godfather Collection Blu-ray Box Set: $25

Amazon has a 1-day offer on The Godfather that you can't refuse.


Here’s an offer that you can’t refuse: a Blu-ray box set of The Godfather. While 2/3 of the trilogy is Hollywood genius (sorry Godfather Part III), the set’s $63 price tag may be a bit difficult to swallow.

Thankfully, Amazon has listed The Godfather Collection: The Coppola Restoration Blu-ray set as today’s Gold Box Deal, making the purchase a quote-worthy $25. That discount is 60 percent off the list price and includes free Super Saver shipping.

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This 4-disc collection has all three Godfather films, all of which have been completely remastered. There’s also a fourth disc filled with extras, including featurettes, extra scenes, and more.

Make sure that you place that order through Amazon, and not one of the retailer’s third-party merchants. They have the special pricing, which also includes the free shipping. Just make sure to do it today. Since this is Amazon’s Gold Box Deal, the discount is only good for one day (Tuesday, February 21, 2012).


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