Hot Deal: Sony STR-DN2010 Home Theater Receiver $198.00

The 7.1 Sony Receiver includes include online music streaming and a second audio zone.


If you’re looking for a steal on a good home theater receiver, this is probably it. While technically it appears to be a 2010 model (hence the 2010 in the model number), it’s new (not a refurb) and about $600 off the original price. Who cares that it may have been sitting in the box for a while?

Electronics Expo is selling this unit for $198. Sony’s own site lists the original price as $799.

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What you get for $198 is 7.1 channels/100 watts per channel, DLNA and internet music streaming, an iPod app for control, 3D pass through, a Faroudja DCDI 1080p upscaling and 4 HDMI inputs.

And here’s something really unique—this model doesn’t simply offer an Ethernet port for streaming music; it also includes a built-in four-port Ethernet switch. With this switch you can plug in your Playstation3, Roku box, connected Blu-ray player and smart TV without worrying about how many posts your router has.

If you don’t want to shop through Electronic Expo’s own web site, the retailer is offering it on Amazon for $252.


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