Hot Deal: Sharp HT-SB600 3.1 Soundbar Surround System: $245.94

Amazon is slashing $154 off the list price of Sharp’s popular soundbar package.


Earlier today, we saw that Dell was selling Sharp’s HT-SB600 3.1 Soundbar Surround System for $249. It was a really nice deal — and then it was gone. The retailer ran out of stock! Thankfully, Amazon is here to pick up the slack and possibly a few extra orders.

Amazon is actually selling the HT-SB600 for $245.94. That’s $4 cheaper than Dell and $154 off Sharp’s list price. The retailer is even offering to ship this three-piece package right to your front door for free.

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Most TVs (ok, all) aren’t really known for having great sound. That makes this set a nice purchase. First announced in 2011, the 3.1 HT-SB600 has 3D support via HDMI 1.4 with Audio Return Channel, as well as built-in Dolby and DTS decoders. Promising a total output of 400 watts, the HT-SB600 is made to accompany screen sizes between 40 and 46 inches. It also has three HDMI inputs, if you want to pump up the sound of a few other components, such as a cable box and/or Blu-ray player.

When placing your order, make sure to click on Amazon’s Super Saver Shipping option to save a few extra bucks. Also, don’t order through one of the site’s third-party merchants; Amazon has the deal and the free shipping. Enjoy!

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