Hot Deal: Sharp HDTVs 60 Inches and Up

Best Buy wants to get you ready for the Big Game with deals on different Sharp LED HDTVs.


The Big Game is so close, we can almost smell the 6-foot sub. While party planning is certainly an important aspect to Super Bowl Sunday, how you are going to experience the game should be the main focus. In other words, you’re going to need a big HDTV.

Now could be the time for an upgrade. Best Buy is running a promotion with Sharp, promising big screens at low prices. This week only, there are three different in-store and online deals on Sharp LED HDTVs.

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If you want to go really big, there’s Sharp’s 80-inch 80LE632U LED HDTV. This one is only available only in select Magnolia Home Theater stores and, so don’t be surprised if it’s not on the floor of your local retail store. Offering 80 inches of full 1080p HD, this set has the X-Gen LCD panel and UltraBrilliant full-array LED backlight technology, advanced pixel control, and the Vyper Drive game mode. If you’re one of the people that doesn’t enjoy those Super Bowl commercials, this TV can also offer a little half-time entertainment, via Smart TV features. Those currently include Netflix, VUDU and CinemaNow, all of which can be easily accessed through the TV’s built-in Wi-Fi. Designed as a hub for your home theater setup, the 90LE632U also has four HDMI inputs, connections for component and composite, an RS-2332C jack, a PC input, and two USB ports.

Right in the middle of this lineup is the 70-inch Sharp 70LE632 LED. The promotional price on this one is $1999.99, which is $700 off the list price. This also has the 1080p image, the X-Gen LED Panel, the built-in Wi-Fi, Smart TV features and four HDMI inputs. There is also one USB port for adding in your own video, music and photos.

Last, but still pretty large, is the 60-inch Sharp 60LE300 1080p HDTV. This TV is listed for just $999.99, which is also $700 off the set’s list price. This one doesn’t have smart TV features, but still dazzles with a 60-inch 1080p HD image, three HDMI inputs, a PC input, and the Vyper Drive game mode. Just an FYI: At last peek, the set was sold out online. Check your local retail store to see if they can score you one at this price, whether before the Big Game or for the aftermath.

All of the sale prices above will be good through January 28, 2012.


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