Hot Deal: Samsung 59-inch PN59D8000 3D Plasma and Free 26-inch TV: $1,999

Crutchfield is slashing the price of Samsung's 59-incher and throwing in some incentive for a second room.


We love a good HDTV deal. We love it even more when a good deal comes with a little freebie. Crutchfield is currently offering both to people buying the Samsung 59-inch PN59D8000 3D Plasma.

Crutchfield currently has this set available for $1,999.99, which is $1,000 off the list price. That cost even includes free shipping. However, a nice little purchase perk is that the online retailer is also throwing in a free 26-inch TV with this purchase — it’s like a little baby for your big TV!

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That 59-incher is certainly a nice purchase, too. Besides the 3D features, this model has a full 1080p HD image, the 600Hz sub-field, the Real Black Filter, and 2D-to-3D conversion. It also has built-in WiFi, which is very helpful when accessing the set’s Smart TV features. That on-screen option can deliver a ton of web-based goodies, including Netflix and a full web browser, right on your HDTV.

Also, if you want to add in a set-top box, a 3D Blu-ray player, a receiver, or any other AV essentials, this model has four HDMI inputs, a component video connection, a PC input, and two USB ports.

While there’s not much info on the free 26-inch TV, we do know that Crutchfield says it’s a $300 value. Also, it’s free. Great for the bedroom, basement, a kid’s room or as a very special person’s birthday, this is a nice perk. However, it’s not going to last for too long. Crutchfield says that the free TV offer ends on June 23, 2012, or whenever the retailer runs out of stock.

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