Hot Deal: Panasonic 55-inch 3D Plasma HDTV and Wall Mount: $1,678.18

Abe's of Maine is slashing the price on Panasonic's plasma and throwing in a $150 freebie to boot.


It’s Friday, which probably means that your mind is on relaxing, the weekend, and maybe even a few Cinco de Mayo festivities. Imagine how much more relaxing it could be staring at a giant HDTV!

Before your mind goes into weekend mode, check out the HDTV deal from Abe’s of Maine. Right now, they are offering Panasonic’s 55-inch TC-P55GT50 plasma HDTV for just $1,698.18. This is the lowest price that we’ve seen on this HDTV, and it even includes free shipping — and a whole lot of other good stuff.

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First of all, the retailer is also throwing in a free mount with this purchase. That means that you won’t have to worry about that added expense. The $149.95 value is absolutely free, and can get your new purchase off the floor or stand and onto the wall almost immediately.

One more thing, too. Our friends at LogicBuy say that if you add the coupon code LOGICBUY20 during checkout, it will bring the price down another $20. That makes the cost of this HDTV and the mount just $1,678.18.

This HDTV is a good one, too. New for 2012, this 55-incher has a full 1080p image in 2D and 3D, the Infinite Black 2 panel, a 600Hz sub-field drive, and built-in WiFi. It also has the THX seal of approval, as well as four HDMI ports and three USB ports to add in your own AV favorites. Another important perk is Panasonic’s VIERA Connect service. This offers on-screen access to Netflix, Hulu Plus, YouTube, Fox Sports, Facebook, Twitter, and much more.

There’s no word on how long Abe’s will offer the free mount or when the coupon expires. That means that you’re going to want to snag yours before they pull the deal or run out of stock!


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