Hot Deal: Monster FlatScreen PowerCenter HTS 300: $19.99

Amazon is knocking 71 percent off Monster’s 3-outlet surge protection system.


It’s hard to put a price on surge protection. However, Amazon is certainly doing a good job of it, offering a discount on one of Monster’s most popular surge protection options.

We found the Monster FlatScreen PowerCenter HTS 300 surge protector selling on the site for just $19.99. The product lists for $69.95, which means you can save 71 percent off this purchase. That price even includes free shipping!

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If you’ve ever been zapped, you know it’s important to protect your pricey electronics. At $20, you can certainly afford to protect your AV from power surges, spikes, and dips. It’s certainly a lot cheaper than the alternative! The Monster Flatscreen PowerCenter HTS 300 boasts protection in a compact package and adds in the company’s Monster Clean Power filtering to take out electromagnetic and radio frequency noise for a better picture and sound.

The HTS 300 has three side-entry outlets, which makes for a clean, low-profile installation. If disaster does strike, the Advanced Dual Mode Plus surge protection will kick in and automatically disconnect your system and sound off an audible alarm. Other features include connections for coax and the phone.

When buying up this deal, make sure you order directly through Amazon and not one of the retailer’s other merchants. Amazon is the one offering the low price and the free shipping option. Enjoy!

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