Hot Deal: Clicker Bottle-Opening Universal Remote: $16.99

Brookstone is slashing prices on the perfect last minute Father’s Day gift.


Dad doesn’t ask for much. He occasionally wants the larger steak and maybe even the last piece of pie. He hates dressing up and loves to flip through channels like it’s an Olympic sport. For the latter, he’s going to need the right tool, which makes today’s Brookstone deal such a nice little idea for Father’s Day.

The retailer has the Clicker Bottle-Opening Universal Remote listed for just $16.99. This is about $8 off the list price, making it a fun, inexpensive Father’s Day gift — as a gag or for the dad that’s deadly serious about combining his drinks with his daily TV watching.

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Whether your dad enjoys domestic or imported beer or prefers something of the “root” variety, this handy gadget saves him the trouble of adding an opener into the mix. The remote actually has a built-in bottle opener right on the side. It also has codes for up to 800 different devices, so he should be able to flip channels or fire up a movie with ease.

Of course, if you order today, this remote isn’t going to make it in time for Father’s Day. There’s no overnight option and the retailer isn’t offering to ship it for free. That said, there are Brookstone stores in a lot of malls, so this may be a good deal to snag in person. Yes, you have to leave the house. Isn’t dad worth it?

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