Hot Deal: 6-Foot HDMI Cable for $1.73

Amazon is slashing 96 percent off a very popular AV cable.


DVI Gear is a popular cable manufacturer. However, we’re guessing they are about to become a lot more popular, thanks to Amazon.

The online retailer has a 6-foot HDMI cable priced at a cool $1.73, and it’s listed as “by DVI Gear.”

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Now, we’ve seen excellent deals on HDMI cables before (see Monoprice). However, this is also quite a bargain, especially when you consider that the cable’s MSRP is $39.99. That’s a whopping 96 percent off!

Now here comes some fine print talk. Although Amazon lists DVI Gear as the manufacturer at the top of the product page, the description says it’s actually made by Inspiritech. Which one is it? Does it really matter? At last look, the product had 4,244 reviews, with a 4.5 (out of 5) rating. Sounds like it’s worth the gamble!

Speaking of which, you won’t have to gamble too much; this cable also comes with a lifetime warranty.


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