Hot Deal: 40 Percent Off Xbox 360 Accessories

For the month of March, Newegg is selling a slew of Xbox 360 add-ons at a discount.


The Xbox 360 never seems to go away. After quite a few years on the market, however, it manages to keep things interesting. Newegg is certainly doing its part, by making a slew of accessories available at a discount.

We found the retailer selling select Xbox accessories for 40 percent off the list price. They aren’t discounting every add-on under the sun. However, it’s enough to keep you busy — and broke, for that matter. Some of these are too good to pass up!

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There are a variety of Bluetooth headsets (including one with a Modern Warfare 3 theme), as well as controllers, a charger, and a network adapter. There’s also a 320GB hard drive, with Lego Star Wars loaded on it, all for $94.99.

Also, if you’re on the fence about Xbox LIVE, Newegg is discounting the Xbox Live 12-Month Gold Starter Pack. The list price on this is $74.99, but Newegg has it for a gimme-worthy $49.99. Besides 12 months’ worth of entertainment, the box also has a headset, a chatpad, and 400 Microsoft points to get you started.

If you don’t want to buy up everything at once, you do have some time. Newegg says that the sale will run through April 1, 2012.


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