Hot Deal: 3D Video Wizard Converter with 6 Pairs of Glasses: $29.99

This one-day deal can add 3D effects into any existing home theater setup.


Still pining for a 3D home theater? There are ways to add those effects into your home setup, all without having to upgrade your current equipment. We’re seeing some 3D converter options pop up and out — literally. See, they can actually transform your good-old 2D content into something with in-your-face effects.

Like most other 3D equipment, however, converters aren’t always an inexpensive option. At least they aren’t on most other days. For today only, the website 1SaleADay is selling the 3D Video Wizard Converter for just $29.99. The package typically sells for $149.99, probably because it doesn’t just include the converter console. It also comes with a remote, an HDMI cable and six pairs of 3D glasses.

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Now, you should know that this device doesn’t do active 3D, which has become the most popular format for today’s 3D theaters. It doesn’t convert the content to passive, either. Instead, it uses good, old anaglyphic 3D, which means all of the glasses have those goofy red/blue lenses. The package comes with six pairs of those; two for adults and four for the kiddies.

Still, it’s a good cheapie option, if you want to add 3D to your gaming, sports, movies, or just to get a little depth on the evening news.

Just know that this deal does not include free shipping, so factor in another $4.99 to the sale price. However, you’d better start doing the math, because this deal is only good for today (Friday, November 9, 2012) or whenever the website runs out of stock.

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