Homebuyers Want Home Theaters

According to Prudential Reality, home theaters are hotter than ever.


We’ve seen reports state that home theater is a dying fad. Of course, it seems to really depend on who you ask. According to Prudential California Realty, which services Southern California and Central Coast, home theaters are hotter than ever.

The San Diego Union-Tribune recently asked the real estate firm about the most-wanted amenities. Homebuyers are looking for home theaters — or at least a space where they can add one later.

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The Tribune says that part of the interest is due to dropping equipment prices. Also, families like having a place to congregate, entertain, and be entertained. However, for a lot of people, it’s the sole source of entertainment, replacing some of those outings that have become more of a financial investment.

Home theater enthusiasts looking to sell may have something unique to offer, with experts saying that a home theater can certainly add value to a home sale. If you’re looking to move, the Tribune suggests cleaning up wires (of course), as well as removing some of the seating, which can give the room a more spacious look.


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