Home Theater Hangout Built for Under $35K

This homeowner wanted to keep his budget under $35,000 for the equipment and installation costs.


If you’re reading this website, chances are you have a home theater — or desperately want one. The rooms that were built with a bottomless budget are certainly fun to read about and ogle over. However, most people need to put the kibosh somewhere.

This homeowner decided his limit would be $35,000. While that does sound like a lot of money, it can all add up really fast, between the equipment and the installation costs.

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However, for that price, the homeowner ended up with this very stylish room — and equipment to match. Innerspace Electronics came in and installed a SIM2 HT380 1080p projector, a 118.5-inch Stewart Luxus Deluxe screen, a full B&W speaker system, and Lutron dimmable lighting. The entire AV setup is controlled by a Universal MX-980 wireless remote.

Everything was neatly installed in the room, which was designed as a place to hang when the family’s older children come to visit. It also had to be built around pre-existing cabinets at the front of the room. All of the equipment was chosen based on whether or not it could fit into those cabinets. Of course, it also had to perform nicely.

Once everything was calibrated, the homeowner was happy with the end result — and the fact that he didn’t have to bust his budget to have a gorgeous room.

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Equipment List

  • B&W 804S Floorstanding Speakers (2)

  • B&W CMC2 Center-Channel Speaker
  • B&W SCMS Speakers (4)
  • Chief Mounts
  • Furman Elite 15 Dmi Power Conditioner
  • Integra Receiver
  • Liberty Cables
  • Lutron MRFA-S6AM-URC Dimmers (3)
  • Samsung BD-C5500 Blu-ray Player
  • SIM2 HT380 DLP Projector
  • Stewart Filmscreen Luxus Deluxe Screen
  • Universal MRF-350 Base Station
  • Universal MX-980 Remote Control
  • Velodyne Optimum-8 Subwoofer
  • Velodyne Optimum-10 Subwoofer
  • Digital HD-Ready Cable Box with DVR
  • Game Console

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