Holiday Gift Guide: Home Theater Essentials

Hot home theater gear for the movie lover on your list.

The holiday season is the perfect time of year for gathering the family together, each person in their special seat, and telling them all to be quiet so you can hear the movie.

We believe holidays and home theater go perfectly together, and I’m sure there’s someone on your gift list who agrees with us.

Whether you’re looking to get someone started down the home theater road or want to help with an important upgrade, we have great gift suggestions to fit.

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  • $1,299,' src="/images/slides/Denon_avr-X4000_gg.jpg" width="133" alt="Denon AVR-X4000 Receiver" />

  • $1,599,' src="/images/slides/SVS_SB13-Ultra_PG_ISO.jpg" width="133" alt="SVS SB13 Ultra Subwoofer" />
  • What's a cord cutter?) then the Roku 3 is the ticket. It offers access to pretty much any streaming video (alas, no YouTube) or streaming music (and no iTunes Radio;see next slide) service, including the most popular ones like Pandora, Netflix, Amazon, VUDU, Spotify and more. It can go Wi-Fi or wired and the new remote includes a headphone jack so you can watch/listen late at night without keeping family members up.

    $99,' src="/images/slides/Roku-3-with-Headphones.jpg" width="133" alt="Roku 3 Media Streamer " />

  • $99,' src="/images/slides/Apple_tv_1.jpg" width="133" alt="Apple TV" />

  • $1,299,' src="/images/slides/Sony_HT-ST7gift_guide.jpg" width="133" alt="Sony HT-ST7 Soundbar" />

  • $999,' src="/images/slides/Epson_PowerLite_Home_Cinema_2030_gg.jpg" width="133" alt="Epson Powerlite Home Cinema 2030" />

  • $599,' src="/images/slides/Oppo_BDP_103_Darbee.jpg" width="133" alt="Oppo BDP-103 Blu-ray Player" />

  •' src="/images/slides/tremor-fx-seat6s.jpg" width="133" alt="Tremor FX Theater Seats" />

  • $12,499,' src="/images/slides/JVC_DLARS67_gift_guide.jpg" width="133" alt="JVC DLA-RS6710 " />

  • $599,' src="/images/slides/Control4_HC-250_gg.jpg" width="133" alt="Control4 HC250" />

  • $2,800/pair,' src="/images/slides/BW-PM1-large.jpg" width="133" alt="Bowers and Wilkins PM1 Speakers" />

  • $144.99,' src="/images/slides/movie_reel_GoldbergWineRack.jpg" width="133" alt="Movie Reel Wine Rack" />

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