Holiday Gift Guide: 2012′s Best HDTV Deals

Good TVs are always a good value.


The TV is the center of attention in a lot of homes, so why would you throw your money away on some off-brand doorbuster model just because it’s cheap? Really, your TV is going to be a big part of your life for the next several years, so you owe it to yourself to get one you won’t regret in a week. Also, it’s important to consider this—never in the history of television shopping has anyone bought a TV that’s too big, so don’t cheat yourself out of a big TV just because you’re worried it will cover up too much of the wall. That’s the point.

You’ll notice that the TVs in this gift guide aren’t necessarily the cheapest, and are never the low end models from a manufacturer’s line.They’re not the most expensive or top-line models either. Instead these selections are good values because they offer a combination of features and performance that users will fine useful and enjoyable. We’ve also included links to some of the best prices we’ve found, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that’s the best price possible. It’s also important to note that with better quality products a professional’s guidance is always helpful, so go visit your local dealer who will probably also be able to offer a good deal on installation and setup along with a good price on the TV.

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